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High Quality Ethiopian Opals - real value

Dear Friends,
I have invested in beautiful A-grade Wello Ethiopian Opals finely cut.
I got a very good lot and I think I was very lucky…I went for the expensive dealer rather than the cheap one.
I am sharing my first selected stone on youtube…and I am asking you guys as “friendly Quizz” what is the value of this gemstone.


I’m selling these for $28ct USD, 14X10mm

I already creamed the best 20% from it, so I hope that you didn’t pay too much more than that?

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Is it the price for the lot of for single one?

It say’s $28 per carat, a nice price looking at those.

Agree that is a nice price…:slight_smile:

It’s for the lot, wholesale is a little bit cheaper if you are reselling.

I’m leaving in a few minutes until Monday, but if you are interested, you can email me at and I’ll get back to you.