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Hi. I\'m Brenda.

I\’ve been interested in gemology for decades and consider myself an enthusiast. At one time I was a very involved hobbyist, but life took me in a different direction. Joining this organization will give me an opportunity to explore and learn more about gems. My favorite gems are opals and pearls. I look forward to learning from you and exploring the world of gemology.


Hi, Brenda,
I just now saw your post as I am new in the forum. My interest is primarily opals, more specifically Ethopian Welo opals. Back about ten years ago I collected some, and they are still beautiful. I’m glad to see someone else interested in opals. I’m thinking about learning to make jewelry from them, with some intrepidation! I am a chemist by profession and retired, and have never done much with them or any other jewelry.


hello Brenda i am Rosie, this site is great i am enjoying learning and the courses that i.g,s do, i love gems not just the finished item but how they were formed and how long it took to make them, warmest welcome from me in Scotland