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Help with a Rayner Refactometer

I have the option of purchasing an older Rayner Refactometer model 1100/2383. I do not have the yellow light for it at this time since I’m just taking it for a test drive. I’ve used different strength lights with and without filters. So far I have not seen any results, at all. I may not have the right color. My other Refactometer has a built in light.
My question is, do I need a specific light for this model to make it give me ANY reading?
Thanks in advance.
All the Very Best.

Why on earth are you still stuck in the 19th century with an antique…Buy a digital refractometer and say adios to hazardous fluids… and read any R.I. from 1.30 to 3.00 and no light source to worry about.
Medium & high Zircon CZ…Diamond…Moissanite.
I have been using one for over 30 years and never been disappointed, in fact, I own 3 of them and check one against the others to make certain there was no an error .

If you know your gemology, you will know that a good polish is needed for an accurate RI with a reflectometer. I good gemologist still has many uses for a refractometer with prism…I don’t think you can determine optic character and optic sign with a reflectometer, for instance. This is an older model, but I think probably from the 1930’s or later and it may work quite well. If you shine a bright LED penlight straight into the back of it you should see the light in the prism, which would show that the light path is not blocked to the prism. Then if you look into the eyepiece, you should see a scale illuminated by the light…if you do, the mirror and scale are probably OK. It uses fluid just like your other refractometer, so try it out on a piece of quartz and see if you get the right reading, which would check for accuracy. You will need to judge how dim this model is…they have probalby gotten brighter by design over the years and the original optics may have dimmed, so that is something you should check…does it give decently sharp shadow edges? Remember that a standard new Chinese model can be had for under $100…that should also be checked for good calibration, as they are sometimes off and need to be returned for one that got thru the assembly line on the right day and is accurate. Rayner made good optical instruments, so this may be a decent model, but not if you can’t figure out how to get a shadow edge out of it. The best Rayner to have is the Dialdex, which uses a cursor instead of a projecte scale and can be read to about 0.002…they do come up for sale on auction sites once in a while.

Where can I find one at a decent price? The cost of tools is killing me already. I’ve looked for a used one to no avail. I can’t even find one! New, I can’t even afford.
As always, all the very best.

I do have the Chinese model and I do keep it polished. I thought this one would be a novelty and knowing that it was to be an accurate piece of equipment I decided to give it a go. I did clean it and polish it and I changed out my light source. I’m getting a reading but still not satisfied. I guess more polishing will give me a clearer reading. I was in a bit of a hurry when I did it. I will get back and let y’all know my findings. Still having some fun and still have hair.
All the very best.

Try Amazon or ebay. Presidium 2 or Gemeter 90

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