Help Valuing 44kg Malachite Specimen

Hello!!! I Have a 44kg (97-98lb) Malachite specimen that I was hoping
to value - its is a gorgeous display piece with a bowl
polished into the top? I have photographs on hand to email? You help
in approximating or directing me to someone would be so very appreciated!!

Wow. What a beautiful piece!
You could try locating a mineralogist for a valuation. Where are you located? Perhaps you are near a university with a geology department, where you might get some help? An easy answer would be to simply take the carat weight of your piece and multiply that by the current value per carat for a nice piece of malachite. But this such a gorgeous piece, I think it would be hard to put a value on it.
Another possibility is a natural history museum. They sometimes have geologists or mineralogists on staff.
Good luck, LADYBUG

Thanks so much, Ladybug!!! Star :slight_smile:

I’ve worked my way all through the Forum looking for your beautiful Malachite. Did you ever get it valued? I keep telling people about it, and how beautiful it is.