Help on short forms like vstbG 5/5, etc

Hi, I’m new, and I don’t know what these short forms mean in the pricing guide. “vstbG 5/5; bG 5/5 or 6/5; vslbG 5/5” I know that VS refers to the degree of inclusions in a stone, but the rest is lost on me. Any guidance appreciated - or is there a place in the website that explains this.

Hi Catherine,
Those codes actually describe a gem’s color. They’re written using the GIA gem color grading system for hue, tone, and saturation. We have a brief article and a longer article on the topic.

For example, “vstbG 5/5” means “very strong blue-Green, tone level 5/saturation level 5.”

Be aware that some gemstones may also have inclusion grade information on the price guide in addition to color information.

Hope this helps.
IGS Admin

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Thank you Pedro! That helps for sure. I am just finding my way around the website.