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Help identifying this stone

I’m a stone hunter and just recently came across some really nice pieces.
This one piece, looks blackish but is actually a deep blue. I’m thinking possibly sapphire but would appreciate any input.
Thanks :blush:

TESTS! are needed for ID

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SG test, this will eliminate a lot of variables

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Rough saphire?


You haven’t provided any information on the stone like where it came from, have you run any tests test on it etc.

I have some rocks that look very similar and mine are tumbled lava stones from the very north coast of Washington State.

not the right shape

oops, I didn’t see the part where you said it was blue. Definitely NOT lava.

It resembles the garnet stones that come from the Smokies but if so, it would be more reddish or orange inside. They also have other material on them that has to be sanded off to get them to this point.