Help Identifying Stones

Hello all,

I am struggling to ID a few stones and I was hoping I could get some help from you all.

Note, I do not have particularly high-end measuring equipment, but I tested a few times and I think the details are pretty close. Also, note that these are ancient, in other words they were worked/cut/finished, etc. in ancient times. I have a few ways that I can be certain this is the case, but I share that because I can’t say what may have been the effect of time on the appearance, which is probably worth mentioning as a factor in identifying (their color, surface markings, etc. may have changed). On that note, if anyone has any comments on anything noteworthy related to the cuts or workings, I would be very interested in hearing them.

The left three stones roughly measure:
RI: 1.54-1.55
SG: 2.3-2.4
Hardness: 6

RI: ~1.55
SG: 2.3-2.4
Hardness: ~6

RI: 1.61-1.64
SG: 2.8
Mohs: 6

Here are closeups:

The last two photos are agate.

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Thanks, that makes perfect sense, I am not sure why I got hung up on it now that you point it out. Thanks!

Could the darker green stones (middle) be a jasper? I haven’t seen inclusions like the ones in those stones in agate, but that’s not to say they don’t exist.

I’d bet 95% that first one is Prehnite.

Second is Moss Agate
3rd agate

Thank you, I’ll take those odds!

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