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Help identify

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The 3 large semi-round items might be cultured pearls. As to the rest, I am not sure if the crystals are mined, as I am seeing bubbles in them. I would definitely send this necklace into GIA for identification and appraisal if this necklace is mined stones and cultured pearls, and are not lab-created stones and man-made pearls. If the large semi-rounds are cultured pearls, there are many blemishes to my eyes. For your peace of mind, send it in to the GIA lab to be identified. You will not be sorry.

Thank you so very much for your assistance!

ldenity from pictures is a GUESS at best.Take itt to an expert for testing.

Another option before you send it to GIA, is to take it to a jeweler and ask. “Can you clean cultured pearls, and how much would charge to clean this”? Their reaction may give you a good hint. Like, “the cost of having it professionally cleaned is more than it is really worth”. But we can do it for you if you like. Or, “you take a chance on damaging it having it cleaned”. Or just ask them what it is worth.
Just an idea being thrown out there.

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Jewellers are not Gemologists beware as they don’t have skills in this field, as most of them are only sale assistances.
Thank you

That is here in Australia I am not sure about the other Countries because cleaning gold and gemstones are a bit different well this is what I read about online.