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Help identify maybe

I know with the last one is. I just think it’s really pretty I’m gonna have to sit in a ring pretty soon

Take some more photos of various sides of the gems and that may help see what they may be.
Gregg Lyell

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if you buy. refractometer and a good scale (you can measure the specific gravity) and you should have a good idea of what those stones may be. Pictures don’t really help with identification. (I’m working on getting my gemology certificate, so I’m not a gemologist, just a jeweler.)

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The first picture looks like it could possibly be Ruby the second picture looks like it could possibly rutile quartz and the third looks like a blue topaz I hope that helps a little have a rocking day​:nerd_face::vulcan_salute:

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Aloha. My first guesses for the first one is a lovely but roughly cut ruby or spinel, the second one looks like a roughly cut ocean tanzanite. A tanzanite that has not been heat treated, and it looks like a bit of matrix left for effect. The third one looks like a CVD treated petalite. Just guesses…

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1st Ruby, 2nd Tanzanite and 3rd Topaz or Sapphire

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There may be an inexpensive solution to your problem that was created by Dr. Hanneman. I’ve just started to read some of his work (he was a chemist and a gemologist) and he devised very inexpensive tests to identify gemstones.

The solution I am about to suggest is based on spectroscopy, or the wavelengths of light gemstones absorb. You can purchase a spectroscope like I did, but I still don’t know how to use it. Plus most spectroscopes don’t come with information on what the gemstones should look like through it.

He developed a bunch of filters based on this idea and you can purchase them. I have purchased a set to try out myself. But I’m still waiting for them to arrive.

here is the link:

It’s a very interesting, lightweight and surprisingly straightforward method of gem identification.

If you do purchase something like this, please let me know your thoughts as i am sure it will arrive before mine do.

best regards,


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Hi, yes the first one is a ruby, the second one is tanzanite, And the last one is a blue topaz