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Hello, need help to identify this stone

Hello, I am new to this forum and a beginner in gemology, I have only been registered for a few months. I have a friend from Madagascar who found this yellow stone in a river near Illyakak, it’s the size of a fist. and the second also in the same region he has no tools to measure on site, I advised him to do a hardness test with a ceramic tile to get a first idea.
if anyone has an idea, he is welcome to enlighten us
for the second I think of a piece of rose quartz what do you think?


he has just tried with a tourmaline and it does not scratch it so harder

Coloration looks very much like citrine, which is also in the quartz family. I would suggest doing an SG test to see if it lines up with quartz. And since your friend already has a piece of known quartz, he can use that as a reference.

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sounds like a plan,besides rose quartz is not yellow.

the rose quartz is the last photo

black tourmaline did not scratch it? would the crust be harder?

The last picture looks like it might be rose quartz. Please have your friend do a specific gravity test to see if it is a stone of the quartz family.

It would be wonderful if it were a sapphire. Citrine or spinel possibly? Topaz is another possibility. I hope you find your answer.
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thank you for your suggestions, I think like you between topaz and citrine
According to the information of the person who found it, he thinks of a sapphire.
not having the means to do tests on site, apart from going to a lab in the capital very far from the site
we have decided ; as there is a small notch, I advised him to break off a small piece and have it sent to me for analysis here.
Where is my new question? as there will be no flat surface like a cut stone will it be possible to place the sample in the refractometer, and try the spectrometer and a filter to confirm if it is indeed a sapphire.
I will let you know the result