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Hello my name is Clayton, gem cutter from Montana.

Hi guys! My name is Clayton and I’m excited to join IGS. I’m an aspiring sapphire/gemstone cutter from Montana. I would love to connect with other cutters/gem merchants and chat about techniques, tips, gear, and finding gems to cut. Thanks for having me! If you’re going to Tucson in February, I would love to meet up!

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Good Morning, Clayton; Welcome to the IGS Forum. Like you, I am also a new IGS member as of December. With Tucson being down in Mexico somewhere and far, far away, this is a good place to park and get one’s bearings before tackling the traffic in Tucson.
If you are ever in need of a few fine specimens of Jaspellite, a.k.a. “Wyoming Banded Iron,” let me know. They truly are a gem cutter’s dream! Combine Jaspellite with the Sapphires you are working with, and I think you would have a real treat for the folks in Tucson!

Cheers & Finest Regards!

Hi Clayton I just joined and want to purchase a starter faceting machine. Any recommendations. Also I see them on Amazon for $500 and less and am leaning towards them once I think I’ve learned enough to try. I have a place in South Dakota but am from Greater Chicago.

Hello, My name is Tyler, I lize in Zootown, i mostly make jewelry, but I have a refract, polariscope, and stuff, and a “small” collection of stones. What type of cutting do you do?