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Hello! I am new

Hi my name is Monica I’m new to this site. I I inherited my mothers collection of gemstones when she passed away. And there are some beautiful ones in there. I was wondering if there are any groups that maybe like get together once a month and gab and talk about their gemstones. I live in Arkansas


The covid stuff certainly has screwed up the get-together aspect of off-line clubs.
I’d contact the closest rock and mineral club in your area to see what’s up.
Go to a meeting and casually meet those folks. Some of the nicest folks on our fair planet can be found among rock hounds. No doubt, you will meet some folks there who are ready to help (and not out to scam you). Then, just take your time and set something up.
Good luck, John

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I found IGS the same way, I inherited some stones from my father when he passed away and then started to add to the collection. Welcome tyo the forums and condolences for your loss.

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I live in Ward if you are in the area we cat discuss this over coffee sometime.

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Super cool! I live in Jacksonville. I’d love to get together and chat

Awesome I will be in touch with you soon

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I am in Fort Lauderdale area and have many gemstones I’ve invested in and sold up in NYC area. I don’t know if any groups around here. Are there any?

I’m sorry about the confusion, we live in Arkansas