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Hello from North Carolina!

Hello, my name is Dan and I\’m a new member. I have a degree in Geology from Penn State and spent my career in the Oil and Gas industry. Now that I\’m retired I\’m hoping to have the time to devote to gem and lapidary pursuits.

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Hope you have a wonderful retirement following your passions.

Hello Dan, and welcome.
I’m Toby. Formerly of the Boone, Blowing Rock area and now located in my home state of SC (probably not far from you).
I to am retired and now enjoying my passion. High end stone collecting and precious metallurgy. My wife is a GIA graduate and I studied her courses along with her in the late '70s. I just can’t put GG behind my name. lol
You should go to Spruce Pine and Hiddenite, NC, if you don’t already know of where I speak. You can find everything you’re looking for there.
I’m in the infancy of a new start-up at the moment (custom, high end jewelry), but, you and I should hook up asap. I have an extensive stone collection you might enjoy seeing.
PS-I have extensive experience in the industry… along with other things.

Hello Dan and Toby, I am also located in North Carolina and I am interested in starting a Lapidary business and I would love your invaluable information how to make it successful.

John Barris