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Heating chrome Tourmaline


I have a lot of beautiful rough chrome tourmaline, sadly a bit too dark. I have heard that chrome tourmaline can be heated … to get the color a bit more lighter. Anyone can advise on it how to do this ?


Hi Catherine as far as I know heating chrome tourmaline is not done as it does not change the gem?. In saying that new treatments are being tested all the time good luck


hello Syd, thanks for sharing knowledge
as far i know, normal green Tourmaline can be heated by 650 degrees max.
so your opinion is relating only to chrome Tourmaline (this one can’t be heated), am i right ? please confirm …


Yes Catherine, I am referring to Chrome Tourmaline, unless someone else in the forum has any other knowledge in regard to heating Chrome Tourmaline but all indications are heating does not change the colour??? Once again with so many things being tested someone may come up with something. in the past 3 or 4 years we have seen cobalt treated sapphire, heated and glass filled ruby now green & yellow sapphire as well, Beryllium treated sapphire and ruby etc.