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Heated ruby of Burma


Hi everyone
Please let me know what could be the rate of pinkish red Burma ruby heated of size 0.5 carat to o.75 carat size. The IGI report mentions origin Burma, semi transparent . Some foreign particles may be present during heat treatment. This is what the certificate states.


Just checking the info on this site, with the info u just posted about ur stone in the condition u state, Im guessing in the $800.00 to $1,000.00/ct range, a very loose guess, show pics & more info of ur stone…


Thank you sir
I will show the pictures


The ruby mentioned above is not handy but I am attaching same kind IGI certified heated Burma ruby of 1.64 carat of 7.815.623.83mm size.certificate shows that it is pinkish red and some foreign particles may be present due to heat treatment.origin is Burma.what rate can this gem get.please advise.


Hi I may be wrong but in the photo of this ruby it looks as though there could be some bubbles near the girdle of this stone if that is the case I would suggest that it is a heated and lead glass filled ruby in that case if it is it would not be worth very much. untreated/unheated ruby is very rare and commands a high price



The ruby is only heat treated ,no glass or lead filling. Near the girdle there are no bubbles , but it is mistake of taking photo. Pl advise.IGI report mentions heat only


Hi, this Ruby is natural or synthetic? I study on the microscope can someone help me to understand??? Thanks in advance!!!


Den vita böjda linjen i andra bilden är det i rubinen eller från lins/ljus
och vilken förstorning har du ?

Prova också att titta med starkare belysning och svagare, prova också att sätta focus 1/2 mm innanför ytan och focus på dom inneslutningar som finns …


thank you “mr-nopain4u” the blue is for lens you can see that is outside the gemstone, the white is inside and I think is natural heated crack by the gemstone, that can mean good sign that is natural 100% and the flux inside suggest that is natural like waterfall not forced like perfect curve line of synthetic!!!