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Heat Treating Blue Sapphire


Hi there

I recently acquired a batch (200 carats) of 1-2 carat blue sapphires. They are currently semi-translucent. I sent a batch of 20 pieces or so to Sri Lanka for heat treating, and about half of them turned out excellent, gem-quality sapphire. Unfortunately, the process they used was hardly scientific, and was therefore unreliable from one batch to the next. Combined with concerns about theft, I am looking for another avenue for heat treating without purchasing my own equipment.

The mine I buy from can supply a few hundred carats every few months, and I have a ready market for all the gem-grade sapphire I can produce — I’m just missing a suitable heat treatment option. Does anyone here heat-treat or know someone that could provide this service?

Thanks in advance!



Hi Jason, I have sent you some information on heat treaters in Rubyvale sapphire fields Qld Australia
hoping it will help


I just saw your PM. Thank you very much for the referral! I will definitely be giving them a call.




No worries Jason, I will be sending some of my own sapphires to him shortly as well


Hi can you telling us the name of the business in Sri Lanka so other do not use them


Hey SydP,

Just heard back from the group in Rubyvale. Super helpful, but unfortunately they specialize only in Australian sapphires. My sapphires require an oxidation/reduction process that Austrailain sapphires do not. Too bad, they seemed nice.

Thanks again for the referral!


Hi Ted Themelis in Thailand is an expert in treatment of sapphires, have a look at his website details and contact information on the site
Graeme Petersen F.G.A


Sorry web site is


Try this guy he is very good and also an excellent cutter. Ahmed Shareek contact him on he is a nice guy.


I am equipped to heat treat with whatever ramp speed you’d like, and able to control atmosphere all the way from >99% down to <1% O2 present. Most treaters attempt to achieve a “reducing environment” simply by scavenging oxygen with charcoal, and call “oxidizing” simply atmospheric oxygen concentrations.

You can reach me at