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Having trouble trying to find out what this is worth


I purchased a lot of black opal rough from lighting ridge this was in the mix, it’s approximately 14mm x 19mm

this is my first post I may have posted this in the wrong area or this is not what the forum is for so please be aware I will accept any suggestions and advice thank you


Hi Bill, as far as I am concerned this is white opal not from lightning ridge??
do you have a carat weight thanks
regards Syd


The weight is 4.45 - 4.5 ct


I also have a few other pieces here if you’d like to see them


The bright blue one is 4.8 carats


Hi Bill , I cut a lot of Australian opal and it could quite easily be from Lightning ridge or Coober pedy at the end of the day it doesn’t make any difference because they are all classified the same when it comes to value , If that is a finished stone I would say about £80. When it comes to opal this site is worth checking . Also if you use facebook there are a few groups for Australian opal .


Thank you very much for the info, I did join the group but I am having trouble trying to figure out how to post on their site.