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Have a look

I have a quantity of very nice Jadeite Have pasted a pic of the rough (it is green all the way through)approx 1 kilo and I have another 5kg roughly and a pic of a cab cut from the same material. I also have a large quantity of Ruby again before and after (the cut stones are 8 and 15 carat). This one is only a possibility but I may have an emerald in rough 350 carats it is VS and fantastic clarity (will let you know if it materialises!) anyone would like to know more please contact me I am always happy to answer questions :blush: Could not upload the ruby sorry as they are video but if you would like to see please contact me and I will be happy to give you my contact details. If you reply with a Whatsapp or email I would be happy to send the videos so you can see… The 8 carat ruby is quite spectacular.

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