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Has Anyone used / Gem Rock Auctions?

Hey everyone,
One of our loose sapphire customer visited this website and and so Im asking if anyone has worked with any of them?
I personally dont know both of these websites so I couldn’t tell them any information,

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I can recomend Gemrock Auctions. I have bought stones from them numerous times. I dont know anything about the other site.

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Yes, I recommend this site auction! Really proven resource with a good reputation.
Try and don’t worry)

Absolutely recommend Gem Rock Auctions. Have made many purchases from their vendors without a problem. Some of their vendor nations are currently experiencing shipping delays, and I suspect that the vendors themselves may be operating with skeleton staff due to health crisis. But yes, absolutely legitimate and trustworthy.

Would definitely recommend
Have purchased several gemstones/minerals from their vendors. So far never had any issues with the products. My last purchase was 2 weeks ago, delivery is delayed due to coronavirus lockdown issues

I also can recommend… and it is years ago since I bought from them for the first time…

I have bought some nice specimens from Gemrockauctions also. Shipping right now is extremely slow and a bit more expensive due to the virus. I have found that the stones and specimens I’ve bought from them are quite fine and are exactly as described.
All the best in your hunt.

Good day! Yes, I use this resource periodically.
I can say that this is a reliable verified site / store.
So you can safely make your purchases there

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