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Happy with gem course

About a month ago I enrolled in the Gemologist course to learn more about the gemstones I might buy and sell as a merchant. I am so pleased with the intricate, expert knowledge provided by Donald Clark and others. It is fascinating to me to learn about these wonderful products of the Earth, how they are formed and harnessed for human use. Thank you David Clark and the others here for sharing your knowledge and love of gemstones.


I joined only about a month before you.

I’m already entrenched in the GIA GG distance learning but it’s great to have this information at hand too. Sometimes it just helps to see the same things presented a different way.

I did the Opal Specialist Mini Course here recently. That was also very good.

Now I just noticed that they’ve added pearls and rubies.

Exam on Wednesday. Must not get distracted! :joy:

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Good luck with your exam Wendy.

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Thank you very much! :blush: