Hambergite in Pennsylvania?

I’m in York PA and i am just learn how to do most of this stuff. I inherited my stepfathers gems tools and passion for setting stones after his passing 4 year ago to cancer.

I had been rockhounding, and with my location i had ammassed quiet a collection just weeding flower beds. However when i started to try to identify some stones i found that my Clear quartz… wasn’t.

I have now discovered i live on a good deal of beryl. However a specific gravity test on a 19ct stone with little pink and blue fire, I am getting results Hamburgite. I know i have soil components for it but has anyone else heard of it being found in south central Pennsylvania? I never trust myself if im the first…

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SG results tend to vary a bit due to various errors, so you should have a range of possibilities rather than one. IDK about pink and blue fire. I’m not aware of hamburgite having fire. Perhaps you mean dispersive fire? You might se if you can find someone to do a RI on your stone, which would involve polishing a face on it…-royjohn

I will see if i can get a good picture of the optically effects. I have been a very active little detective but i keep getting weird things i don’t expect.
So thanks for your insight.

This shows it a little… little sparkles all over but the camera doesn’t pick it up well.