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Hallo from indonesia


hello My name windoeaji from Indonesia, I was interested to learn about the gemstone faceting, I hope can be accepted and can learn a lot here




Yes of course.
I think cheap and best.


bio diesel is the name of the market, this is a trend at Indonesia, green, brown and yellow mixed together, with 2 types of minerals there hidrogrosular name (garnet group) and there idocrase, found in rough stone the same


Hydrogrossular is found in massive crystal habit, sometimes grown in with idocrase


Hi every one, nice to meet you all, hope we can share knowledge and stuff here. Thank you Mas Fero for the Bio Solar info, what a rock! and this let me introduce Carnelian Chalcedony from South Sumatra, Indonesia…and i gave his name…Tomato Pasevano. Enjoy!


Hi…greetiiiings…nice to see u. Mau tanya. Apa beda indocrease dan serphentine secara kasat mata. Trims ya



a different density idocrase SG 3.3, if Lucky You found Hidrogrosular SG 3.5 But Not Much, if serpentine SG 2.55-262,and different Refractive Index, Idocrase RI: 1.72-1.723 Hidrogrosular RI: 1734-1759 Serpentine RI: 1.56-1.571, all of it which is found in Aceh-Indonesia.

density yg berbeda idocrase SG 3.3 kalo beruntung Hidrogrosular SG 3.5 Tapi Tidak Banyak,kalo serpentine SG 2.55-262,Begitu Juga Refractive Index yg sangat berbeda Idocrase RI:1.72-1.723 Hidrogrosular RI:1.734-1.759 Serpentine RI:1.56-1.571,semua itu yg ditemukan di aceh-Indonesia.


Thank you. Dear ferroaxinite.
How about amathys. What is the differences betwen indonesian amathys with other country. Eq. Amathys from pangkalan bun…kalimantan.


Amethyst gem clarity types No. 2,Quartz Family, where they found the same at every country, there are some are not qualified, depending on clarity, they are always with inclusion.

Amethyst from Indonesia, also the best


Hi gem loving crowd,

Is there anyone Who buys gem stones?I am from Ratnapura city(city of gems in meaning of the name of the city) which provides the most precious and a large number of gem stones to the world.We do not have international buyers although we have thousand of gems to be sold whereas a few local buyers who have the direct contacts with the international buyers are trying to get the gem stones from local sellers for very low prices.
I hope that somebody would help me with this matter whereas we can do a great deal of benefit making business in cooperation.I can send the pictures of the gem stones and information on the gems we have.I have attached a few pictures of a royal blue colour blue sapphire cut and polished gem stone along with its certificate and another blue colour rough stone just for the moment which I have at the moment.

Thank you very much in this regard.

Hope to hear from you soon!!