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Guidance with Emerald Appraisal

Hi All - My first post here I am Gem Enthusiast and looking for some guidance on this cut Emerald with strong inclusions. The color and luster seems good. Its 3 ct and pictures taken using phone and under microscope.

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The color on that is fantastic and the cut itself looks solid. My big concern is the large inclusion going through the middle and how it might affect the structural integrity of the stone. For a very good color to top color stone of that carat size, the range is $2500-4500 US. If mounted creatively where the central inclusion is treated as a feature of the piece , you can probably push closer to the 4500 price tag. I would go with a two tone mount, with accents going around the entire stone. 1 color of accent on one side of the central inclusion, a second color on the other side. I am thinking blue and yellow tones for the accents.



I love your opinion. What do you think of these La Pita mine specimens. I was just offered this today. All natural no treatment whatsoever.

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Pls price?

A list is coming soon.