Guessing Game

Just for fun. Mix of gemstones, take guesses and see if you can identify any by sight.

spinel, sapphire, opal, emerald 4 different species of garnet’s, diamonds, tourmaline one peridot. ?

Yes all of those in there except no peridot. And all garnets here are green, tsavorite, demantoid, mali. Also 3other species not mentioned (blue tones)


That is amazing!!! It has bin a life long dream to have a blue garnet. It is my favourite game they are so versitile and come in just about any colour, they can also cross into each other and it is really one of the best and most understated gems around, they are so durable and scratch resistant to an extent ofcours we only exclude two from that statement
I think that I mistook the demantoid for the peridot lol lol lol.

Best regards Jarryed.