Green Tourmaline Value Per Carat - Replacement Value - Excellent Cutting. 34.20 mm x 8.60 mm x 6.70 mm

I have a 21ct Vivid Green octagonal cut tourmaline. I am wondering about the replacement/retail value of something like this? It is clean VVS1 clarity.

Your stone is a nice green with a little gray modifier, there are more saturated and purer greens at the top level of the $100 to $1500/ct range that is given in the value guide here. It looks like the C axis is open, which is nice. If it were me, I think I’d consider recutting, because your last photo shows a nice green in the middle, but a dark color on the outside of the stone, which limits the face up color appearance and the appraised value. Better to take a little loss in weight and improve the face up color. Since the clarity is so good and the color is pretty nice, I think I’d get an in person opinion on the value and the possibility of recutting. I think $300/ct is a low estimate, but it could be more than double that, I’m just guessing based on some other stones I see on line. I think a recut for a few hundred dollars could really improve the face up appearance and the value of this. A good appraisal would improve your chances of selling this, as would the recut. Another example of how you sometimes have to spend money to make money. HTH, royjohn

Thank you for your response. I will get an opinion on this in person. The stone is for a pendant for my wife. I think I did really well buying it for $1200. Just wanted a guess as to replacement cost. Any contacts for recutting would be appreciated but will probably keep as is.


One of the issues with these stones is that they don’t have traditional jewelry proportions and therefore a custom mounting is necessary…so that devalues them a little and I forgot to add that. Two well known and very expert recutters are Wayne Emery and Anthony Lloyd-Rees (the Stone Doctor). Either of them could offer you an estimate and an opinion if you sent the face up picture you shared here.

If you tilt this stone, rotating along its long axis, you will see the middle facets window as the angle gets too shallow for light return (this happens with all stones below a very high RI if the tilt is enough) and you will see the edge facets begin returning light as their angle to the light going into the stone gets to about 35 degrees. At about 35 to 45 degrees the pavilion facets will return light when the stone is face up, but beyond that, probably not. Someone has bellied this stone to save weight, but, in the process has not maximized the light return. Just look at some other emerald or rectangular cut stones for sale on the Net and you will see some which have good color across the whole stone. whiereas you have a light (good) color stripe across yours in the middle, with dark color on either side amounting to over half of the stone.

Good luck with this project…I’m sure your wife will enjoy the stone. I love tourmaline…so many wonderful colors!

Thank you for your response. I will get an opinion on stone when I get it later in the week.


I made a mistake…Anthony Lloyd-Rees is “The Gem Doctor,” not “The Stone Doctor.” His website give an estimate of $160 (Canadian) to recut a pavilion. This would be about US$125 and money well spent to enliven a somewhat dead stone and increase its value. Tony is a good guy and you could send him a picture and get an opinion that you could take to the bank.

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I will drop him a line.

Thanks again.


I know Wayne & he is a very good cotter & is in Iowa as I am.
Howard Broderson