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Green topaz?

Hi someone sold me a faceted 22.5 carat green topaz? Is this such a thing? What\’s the approximate value?

You can refer the price provide by IGS in the GEM PRICE GUIDE :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Authentic green topaz does exist but is very rare and very expensive. Most green topaz on the market is coated colorless topaz.

Tom Savignano

My sources say that there is a light colored green topaz which occurs naturally…about the color of sea green aquamarine. Darker green topaz has likely been irradiated, as is all the darker blue topaz you see for sale. The green is not often seen in jewelry, hence there isn’t much demand for it. No one has promoted it yet and perhaps it’s more difficult to find topaz that responds to irradiation this way. I would value it at about the same prices as blue topaz…maybe $5 to $10/ct? Your best bet would be to search the internet to see if you can find it for sale and note the prices asked. -royjohn

Oops! My bad, I should have checked…I’m seeing green topaz on Etsy in large sizes (50 cts and up) for maybe 25 cents per carat. This stuff may be lab created (synthetic). Hadn’t heard of it before. -royjohn