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Green obsidian in the rough


I have been contacted to appraise 3 large samples of green obsidian. The pieces weight as follows 2 over 100 lbs and one around 75 lbs. The pieces are clear. I would call them translucent. I have no idea the value of these pieces in the rough.
Any help will be appreciated


Some pictures with light behind could help . Can you see light through these big pieces? Is there any "contact rind"or any other sign this is Volcanic glass not man made . I worker in the glass industry for a few years and saw a lot of "slag glass"lumps of glass we poured out at the end of a color run. We never sold this stuff as it was unanealed and could shatter at any time, even years later just sitting in the sun. Obsidian will not often or ever just shatter for no reason. The Conchoidal fracture of man made glass will be smaller than that of volcanic glass. I have seen Green sheen obsidian go for 3$ to 6$ per lb . Would love to see some pictuers.


Thank you for your quick response. How can I send you pictures. I do not know how to attach it to the text.


Hello Igems,

To attach an image to a post, click on the “Upload” icon that appears on the toolbar above. You’ll then have the option of attaching files from your computer or from an online source.

The upload icon is the one darken in this pic I’ve attached below.


I would purchase a small chunk or just whatever will cleave off the larger chunk. Contact me with a PM for details of price. Thank you.


Mine run cobbles have gone for 1 to 2 a pound or better for larger rainbow sheen color and boulders can get you 7 or more if outstanding bright (wholesale as only a wholesale buyer has that kind of money and they are not paying close to retail for a shipping container of material). If it was Emerald green it may be worth more but most green obsidian is subdued oliveish green and not lively. Then, can you just slab it up with out any little white dots of inclusions? Those unpolishable pits are the kiss of death to common lapidary material. Use a loupe or even a microscope to look at them. Bubbles are glass. Snow is crystal inclusions, but polishable and slabalble are the value multipliers in my mind. I can only give it away at 1.50 a pound at shows cause everybody has it (Rainbow). AND he shouldnt just sell a chunk off something he is appraising by damaging off a piece until he owns it and it IS for sale or has permission. You could ask to buy some from the source if he can get some for you.


Do you have access to 2 pound and smaller cobbles to make a shipment of 10 pounds to the US?