Green Garnet either Tsavorite or Diamatoid

While in Bagram, Afghanistan I purchased two bright green garnets from a knowledgeable and reputable jeweler. I’ve since researched and can not find any information concerning green garnets discovered or mined in Afghanistan. The jeweler, whom I’ve know for some time now, is a local Afghanistan who grew up in the Northern part of Afghanistan and told me that this area is plentiful with red garnets. But he also insisted that on rare occasions, this area would produce some green garnets. Each of these garnets are approximately 3 carats and excellently cut. They appear to be a very brilliant Emerald in color, perfect clarity. I understand that gem stones from Afghanistan are not well known as in other countries because of the many wars over the years to include the current war.

My questions are: Who can best appraise these stones and identify origin? Also, is there much of a market for these rare stones? Are they rare?

Interesting question! Our demantoid gem listing mentions Afghanistan as a source. Our tsavorite listing does not, but given the perfect clarity I would lean toward tsavorite. There are a few people selling tsavorite with Afghani origin online (like this gemwow listing) but that’s not a very reliable indicator. Have you measured the RI? And are you sure they are garnets? At 3 ct, a green garnet is definitely rare.

IGS has listings of businesses offering appraisals and of gemological laboratories, which should be able to help you.

Geologist and IGS Team Member