Green Garnet and Tsavorite

hello to all
may someone explain to me whether there is a difference between green Garnet and Tsavorite ? or isn’t there any ? thanks for your opinions

Green garnet in more general.
Deeper color of garnet medium to medium dark called tsavorite

Hi cathcess!

Tsavorite garnets are the green variety of grossular garnet. Demantoid garnets are also green, and are a variety of andradite garnet. Grossular and andradite have different crystal chemistry. Grossular is calcium-aluminum-silicate, and andradite is calcium-iron-silicate.

Light green colored grossular garnets are sometimes called “Merelani Mint” garnets.

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Geologist and IGS Team Member

Grossulars have a tint of yellow brown, where as the merelani mint has a blue hue within the stone, although they’re the same “species” of stone, there is a difference.

If it just says green garnet it may very well be the little brother Chrome Diopside which is more common and considered less valuable.