Green Flourescent mineral?

I found this green potato like mineral that is flourescent and i am not sure what it is?? Any expert comments on this will be appreciated. Pictures are attached. you can see before and after light’s effect on the mineral.Thanks.

Some Chalcedony will do that possible Nickle Chrysoprase but this is only a guess.

Photoluminescent ceramic made in China

Hi guys thanks for your interest n response. I have just got it tested in GSL Sydney and they say its natural material called ‘‘Strontium Alluminate’’. Very highly fluorescent and unique in specimen form…Thanks

Your material is a ‘synthetic aggregate’, a fake counterfeit of the astonishingly rare ‘YeMingZhu’. Authentic ‘Ye’ (night) ‘Ming’ (bright) ‘Zhu’ (pearl) is the Chinese ideogram for a family of crystals, minerals and gems that glow in the dark.

Thanks for the heads up. More fake stuff to deal with . I should have known ,Chalcedony that fluoresces does it under UV.