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? Green Amethysts?


I have been seeing Green, so called, untreated and un heated, amethysts popping up lately. Anyone know anything about these creatures? All I know and have been taught about amethyst tells me that these stones have been irradiated. A so called “expert” in the field has told me that these stones have been mined this way. Why is it I feel like my leg is being pulled? To tell the truth I think the “expert” is full of bovine manure! Any input from the real Experts out there?
All the best.


Ya most green quartz has been zapped some how these days Prasiolite was the real deal green quartz the stuff i saw was south American .


Prasiolite is a variety of green quartz. Some prasiolite is formed naturally, but much of the prasiolite being sold today is a result heat treatment or a result of radiation treatment. These are laboratory treatments that can transform amethyst into a green material.

Much of this green quartz is sold using the name "green amethyst. That name is a misnomer. In July, the United States Federal Trade Commission issued new guides for the gem and jewelry trade. In these guides they stated that use of the name “Green Amethyst” is incorrect and that use of the name could be “unfair” or “deceptive” or “misleading”. These are strong words from the FTC.

You can find more information here. I am the author of the article.


Thank you Dr king could not agree more. Back in the 80s Prasiolite was just green quartz “odd” but not worth much. today we have people spending time and money to fake this stuff . Glad I never bothered with it I would now have to prove it was not heat treated.


Hi otter, I am new to IGS and have several “green amethysts” in my collection. If it’s good quality it is marketed as “Prasiolite”…it is a very beautiful stone and if by chance you get an oval that is quantum cut…it’s the bomb. Green amethyst is real…and most quality stones come from Brazil. Does this help?


Thanks for all of the info. I just can’t get my mind wrapped around Green Amethyst for some reason. There is such a wide selection of beautiful green stones out there that I can steer clear of that one. Right now I am having a ball getting burned with emeralds. That won’t happen much longer. I ended up purchasing a few badly treated emeralds because I could not get out and see what I was buying and relied on the word of a good friend. Teaching tools. I did not have any so I guess I need them and I did not get burned too bad. I did get a great buy on an opal in that deal. Well it was a steal if truth be told.
All the best.