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Green Amber


To put a long story short, I have acquired what is believed to be Green Amber in NSW. After numerous contacts and discussions with a variety of professionals, auctioneers etc I’ve hit a wall.
Interest seems to be spiked but trying to find a market where I can sell this is difficult as auctioneers turn away amber which is not polished. There are various insects present and I have been advised the worth of this piece may be quiet large.

If anyone has advice on value or places to sell please advise. Thanks in advance.

can we see images of the green amber, also have you tried viewing your amber in the dark with a strong UV light, many creatures get stuck on the surface of amber and only a very thin layer of sap will cover them, Many of them cant even be seen unless viewed under uv light. take a look at the amber i just posted, two of those three images in blue, i never would have known they were included on my piece, had it not been for the viewing under UV light.