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GoSpectro spectrophotometer

Has anyone experience with the GoSpectro spectrophotometer. It is an Android and Iphone spectrometer with its own software, made in France.
I am waiting for delivery and found the company helpful even in these difficult times.
I am not trying to promote this product but think it would be helpful to me as a retired chemist to identify my gem stones.

Does the spectrometer come with some spectral libraries?
And depending on the price, another product is GL-Gem spectrometer.
Kind regards

Thanks for the reply, the spectrometer comes with a data base and can input spectra from other sources as I read it. Prices were my main reason to purchase $440 compared to $1800 for the gl gem. I understand it would not be comparable to the gl gem but it is transportable and reasonably priced. for more info.

Congratulations on your recent purchase. I’ve been considering purchasing the GoSpectro spectrophotometer for a while. I would really appreciate you sharing your experience and observations in using it. My email is Thanks

I was just in contact with them, they replied that it does not have a data base yet but they are working on it but you can import your own data base.
I just reordered since they are in France and I am sure they have problems they were not able to get to my order before the visa timeout.
I have been collecting spectral data and hope to be able to import into the program.

Hi Glassblower,
How are you finding the GoSpectro? Can it be used on set stones? Any chance of you posting a pic of a result? I am interested to. Thanks in advance. Kate

Hi Kate. I have been in contact with them, they are very helpful, but my spectrometer is still in shipment. France has had a lot of trouble because of the virus so I am not pushing them. Looking at their videos it seems you can use reflected light or laser refraction or absorption but if you can get any light through it will create a spectrum. I have been working on a data base for spectra and they have tried to help me, they said they would have a data base available this year.
Will post more on arrival.