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Goodletite? Can anyone shed any light on this?


That piqued my interest enough to Google it. Wow! :star_struck: Super-rare and unique.

Goodletite is a real unique one. It is also called a ruby stone. Nature created an unusual combination of corundum, sapphire and tourmaline in fuchsite of emerald green color. The sharp contrast of bright blue, green and raspberry colors create the impression of unreality and some kind of artificiality. It looks especially interesting in jewelry. It got its name in honor of William Goodlet, who found it This location of goodletite is the only one in the world, there are no analogues.

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I was fortunate enough to purchase some in NZ today. Could have also got a slice of rough, kicking myself that I didn’t.

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Wow! The thing that I absolutely love about gemology in general is … Endless supply of knowledge, combined with all the beauty that mother Earth can give …so has this gem no definite crystal structure,or is it… something else? Amorphous…ECT?

Wow, I had to google it as well. What a pretty stone it is in general. Do you have a picture of your specimen that you can post here besides what’s on that report printout?