Glass filled ruby

Hi, just wanted to share some photo’s of Heat treated glass filled ruby, I was fortunate enough to go to the treatment place in Thailand to see it for myself.
1st photo is of the rough ruby from Madagascar
next is the ruby after being treated with acid to clean all the cracks and external rubbish
last is where the ruby has been treated and the staff are snipping the pieces of ruby apart as some a glued together by the glass.
this table full of GF ruby is about 1 weeks processing so you can get the idea of how much is being processed and sold across the world

looks like only one photo loaded I will try and load the others for you interest

You lucky thing. I would love to visit the mines, treatment and grading houses in Thailand and see first hand how the process goes from beginning to end. One day maybe…
I take it you are in the gem trade so get to go places like this as part of your work.

Have you any other photos of the process and places?

Hi Nigel, I am a hobbyist like you have been for 40 years now.
Actually we were on a Gem Tour that a good friend of mine runs out of Thailand we have been on at least 6 tours now over the past 10 years.
I can send you a typical itinerary if you wish which has his contact email on
the tours are well organised and very reasonably priced.


Just saw your info. Thanks so much for sharing. Do you have the other 2 photos that didn’t load? I would also like that gem tour itinerary. How would I get it?


Hi SydP.
I’m interested in gem tour.
Please send me some info at
Thank you

Hi, I am sending an email to my friend in Thailand to see if he is still running these tours, I am not sure if he is doing these anymore will let you know as soon as I get an answer

Hi Makaturquoise please send me your email address and I will send you my friends email address so you can discuss with him. let me know thanks.

Pardon my newbie-ness, but how does a glass filled ruby compare in value to a man-made ruby? (And by man-made I mean synthetic, not simulated.)



Hi, I never deal in synthetic gemstone but my understanding is that flame fusion ruby is or should be very cheap as it is little cost to produce. Flux melt ruby would be more expensive as the process is a lot slower to grow. cost I do not know.
glass filled ruby (composite ruby) can be say $10 per carat up to $80 per carat depending on how clean it is.
unfortunately it is not a matter of just ABC it is a complex and varied question.
other members may have more idea on cost of synthetic ruby than I do

Hi SydP. I’m sorry it has been SOO long. Have had chronic medical problems, but if your friend is still doing it please send his info to Thank you very much.