Glamira white sapphires AAAA vey good cut

I am expecting to receive this lovely ring.

How do I preserve colourless sapphire from going dull?
How colourless AAAA sapphires match up on a diamond grade? :blush: I know it’s a bit like comparing lemon with oranges but I am curious about it.

Regarding how to preserve the gem, same care and handling as a diamond, just clean it with a toothbrush and room temperature water. You may want to get the crown and table repolished in 20-25 years if it’s an every day item. :slight_smile:

As for grading, more or less the same criteria apply, however, a white sapphire will never ‘sparkle like a diamond’

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Thank you for your reply. Yes, I can live without blinding diamond sparks. :slight_smile:. But I do expect reflective light play and maybe a light yellow, blue or pink under shade. I can image maybe more yellow dominant light reflection present since it’s set into 18cr yellow gold. As long as it won’t be endup looking like a dull glass, I’ll be very happy with my sapphires.

Just an FYI, if you want sparkle but not a diamond, try natural zircon. I think it sparkles more than diamonds if it’s cut well.


Thank you for your tip. CZ does sparkles, maybe not more then a diamond though :slight_smile: . But I’ll stick with my white sapphires AAAA ring. Zircon maybe an optionffor me, as it’s not man made and maybe better and the sparks last longer, as it’s harder then CZ.

I’m not talking about lab-created cubic zirconia (CZ). The sparkle I mentioned is in Earth-mined natural Zircon (ZrSiO4). It’s a wonderful gem in many colors. Green is the most rare. I have several Zircons, and they are beautiful.

I also have many beautiful sapphires. Enjoy yours!

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Hi as a Australian gem stone cutter I truly love our Zircons, if cut properly the light pink ones look like the Argyle diamonds. also a Clear / white sapphire will not have the sparkle of a diamond
Hope this helps

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So can you tell me about white sapphires stone AAAA cut as a diamond will perform any type of light reflection or not? I am happy if it’s not have the “sparks” .

But I do expect some light reflection and color tinges from the yellow gold it will be set.

I just don’t want a dull looking glass look if you mean that by not having diamond sparks.

Where do you get natural zircon from? Which mine deals with it. I am interested.

Thank you for your reply. Can you tell me where would you get natural zircon from?

I get jewelry from Etsy, but you have to be careful because some say Zircon when it’s really CZ. I’ve gotten rough from both Etsy and Ebay. They are mined in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Tanzania and Cambodia. The oldest known deposits (4 billion years old!) were found in Australia. It’s a fascinating gemstone.

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Ok to be honest I would be VERY weary of any gemstone sold from Etsy or EBay unless it has a full Gemstone Gemmology report that can be backed up by the person that has tested the stone
If you wish have a look at my shop Austgems on Gemrockauctions this auction site only Seles Natural stones if any have had any treatments it is stated CLEARLY most of my Zircons come from Hearts Range NT Australia the Zircons from this area have many different colours


I love that style ring. My late husband gave me one like that but in a bezel with a bezel setting. Shame I lost it in a fire years ago. He put a Zircon in it to give it that extra sparkle. He had a way with setting stones that made the best of them. White sapphire is a durable stone and will hold up in that setting quite well.
All the very best.

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Thank you for you reply. I though so too. It’s a very nice set and design. It also should protect the stone from catching on to things and get damaged. I am glad that your husband s able to set a similar ring to you. Sad though that you lost it eventually. I made a ring to myself and set it too. Real

cheap but I love it.

Hello Charva

I have a 5.3+ ct green Zircon from Sri lanka if you are interested please email me