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Gemstones Rarer Than Diamonds


Check out this new infographic that lists 10 gemstones that are rarer than diamonds. I think my favorite is the Kashmir Sapphire. Has anyone seen a Kashmir Sapphire in person? Is it as stunning as it sounds?


As a hobby, i build pendents with rare gemstones, ive posted pics of at least one of them, alexandrite, & i have quite a few more that put diamonds at the candy store level. You cant imagine how many millions & millions of cts of diamonds are available to the consumer, some colored gems r in the thousands of times more rare than diamonds. The russians r sitting on trillions of cts of diamonds recently discovered near a meteor hit several years ago, & the quality is said to b pretty good. There r some beautiful diamonds for sale but u dont have to look very far to find them & they can b had at reasonable cost-happy shopping-m76steve…


Where does the Montana Yogo Sapphire fit in? Is that more rare than diamonds? The Yogo mines no longer exist.


ajs, montana saph. is rare and usually small, the largest on i saw was at a show & the seller was asking @$6,000.00/ct for a 3.4ct stone. Very pretty, good color but out of my league & i thought a little pricy at the time, & yes, more rare than diamonds, also saw a red spinel cushion cut, 7cts, at $22,000.00, for the stone, clean, good red color & asking top dollar.-m76steve…


sapphire is more rarer than diamond.