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Gemstones Northern Pakistan


Hi There
I’m interested to know what kind of gemstones are currently available with reasonable consistency/quality from Northern Pakistan. I’m thinking about: Tourmaline, Apatite, Topaz, some quartz, Aquamarine … Thanks


Some extremely fine stones are found in North Pakistan/Kashmir but one has to search hard and long for top quality, untreated rough and faceted stones. Consistency of supply and repeatability of orders are and will always remain issues. We have Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds, multicolored Kunzites, Tourmalines (all colors), all forms and varieties of quartz, Lapis Lazuli, moonstone, etc.
I have recently set up an outlet in Canada with a very specific focus on Pakistani gemstones. If you are interested in any particular gemstone, let me know and hopefully I can source it for you. SK


I am from pakistan working all gems you are curious about… some of them are listed on my eBay store so can see all from my page …



Thanks this is very helpful
Yes I agree supply and consistency will be an issue and i agree the quality is wonderful - incredible colour. I will keep in touch as I’m still designing and so it may work for specialist pieces.
thanks again


Hi There
thanks for your help I’ll keep in touch - at this stage it’s early planning stages but i want to see what’s available.
thanks again


I can provide topaz aquamarine appetite zirconia rare green sphine/ titanite


Hi there
thanks for this
What colour Topaz do you have?



these are the color of topaz i have avalible…


thanks for this


Hi, I have a 2.60ct unheated blue sapphire from Pakistan kashmir with GRS and GIL report, also purple sapphire from Pakistan kashmir, and monazite, manganotantalite, triplite and richterite from Pakistan. If you have interest, contact me. Thanks!


Hi there
thanks for your reply
If you have any images please send to me


I interested in Emirald a d Kunzite
What’s app


Many many stones availble
I am mostly deal in rare stones…


Any one any things needed from pakistan…just contact us…