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Gemstones in Bangkok


I’m looking for a reliable place to buy opals and rubies in Bangkok. I’ve heard there are a lot of scammers there though, so looking for somewhere reliable. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.


Jewelry Trade Center in Silom is the hub for gemstones in Bangkok.


Hi Figre,

I would like to suggest you considering about coming to Sri Lanka and buying gem stones would be cheaper than Bangkok.There are thousand of gem stones in Our city(Ratnapura),where there are no international buyers.A few local buyers collects gem stones from here and bring to Bangkok and other parts of the world and sell for very high prices.


Hi Figre, you would need to be very careful buying ruby in Bangkok/Thailand as the majority of ruby for sale is heat treated and lead glass filled. You may find a few sellers that do sell natural untreated ruby but they will want a very high price for same.
best place to buy opals is here in Australia,


I bought from Ploy Center in Bangkok, Silom Road, a couple of times, they only specializes in Rubies and Sapphires, very good selection and quality to very good prices, had my stones certified in laboratory while still in Bangkok without any issues and proved reliable all 3 times. I will continue to do my purchases there.