Gemstone Traders Wanted!

Hello Everyone
My name is Will and I am 19 years old from the UK.
I am currently studying gemmology, using the IGS online course and reading material.
However I am looking for the opportunity to shadow a gem trading professional to find top grade gemstones.
I am looking for a mentor to help me learn the tricks of the trade in real world situations not just online. I will fund the trip myself, but eventually hope to trade alongside the possible mentor.
Any help would be appreciated, even just an exchange of emails with someone who can help me learn more about the industry!
Many Thanks


Hi will. Whereabouts in the uk are u based x we maybe able to help

I am based in Manchester at the minute, but I am willing to travel pretty much anywhere!
Thanks for the reply

We’re in Ipswich Suffolk x we cut and polished gemstone. Perhaps if ya down this way u would like to pop in x

Hello Will, I know Lady Letitia and think it a kind offer. Ipswich is an unlikely gemiferous destination but sometimes the journey starts with a less glamorous destination. Good luck

willing to help…you may pls send email…

Hi Shussain
My email is-
Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Will