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Gemstone pricing guide


When was the gemstone pricing guide last updated?


Most of the gem prices were updated in 2014. Some have been updated since then as well.


I usually check out for the most updated gemstones values.


Hi if you want to be fair dinkum about pricing gemstones you should join Gemworld International and buy the world of colour booklet, most valuers here in australia and across the world use this system now.


Do you happen to know the price of blue sapphire


Hi John W, I only price gemstone through the world of colour booklet and the pricing on Gemworld international, to get a price on any gemstone you start with matching the colour of the gem to the world of colour booklet this give you a rating from 1 to 10, then you take points off for inclusions healed fractures, poorly cut gemstone to give you a final rating which then can be matched to the prices on Gemworld
So the answer to your question is not really as it depends on the colour number 1, and quality

Prices could be $80 per carat to $3000 per carat.

So it is not possible


Where an I get the book on color? And I sure do thank you.

You can purchase the color watching guide and or the online services


sure * Ct. kashmiri should be $50,00 a Ct. but i think that is so out of reality it’s not funny anymore. I’ll sell to you at $8,000 outright. $1000 Ct. is that fair for you, or is this still out of the realm of possibility for you?
Please let me know good or bad depending
Thank You