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Gemstone identification



could someone help me identify these gemstones


Fire opal …maybe


It looks like a zinc crystal to me. I would have to examine it directly. -sandy


It looks like a boule of flame fusion synthetic to me. Lot’s to learn, eh?


It’s like seems rodonite, but you need make gemological tests.


it looks like a tajikstan ruby from point of color , but for id doesnt have any exclusion
is unlike to a rough stone , at all you need to make gemological tests.






Synthetic ruby boule

35 PM


Looks like synthetic ruby to me, but; can’t weigh it, touch it, or put on refractometer. Do these tests and let us know the results.


i can just tell that these have amorphous structure such as man made or natural glass .


I’m Have good news. I didn’t bye these stones. I’ve minded them over the years. I’m 51 still young.i believe the stones to be Hessonite Garnet with the uses of a presidium pgt specific gravity and magnetism along with all the other characteristics ie. crystal patterns The quality is unquestionable. if anyone has anything pertaining to the nature of these stones it would be my pleasure.




The stones are actually magnets , two poles they attract and repel. Very special. If I could give a little advice I would have to say they’ll blow away the gemstone world with quite a bang in a highly respective body mind spirit way. Iwill be putting them up on auction soon this is a chance for all our members. If interested to enquirer about the stones.



Hi Anthony

I’ve arrived at a factual decision everything added up in the garnet family. I’m very pleased with some of my stones. If you or you know someone that is interested in the purchase of some fine garnet drop me a line

TY kindly