Gemstone identification

hi this is a one gemstone i won off ebay with 3 other rocks. I broke it open with a hammer and found fools gold and just gemsone inside like I never seen before. I was able to take a bobby pin and just pick one of them out of this gemstone rock. it is unique to me. this was not a hollow rock inside. i only used a hammer to break open this rock and nothing else to see this shiny gemsone. here are some pictures. and can anyone identify what the induvial orange gemstone is by the structure may be. i picked out with a bobby pin. most pictures had a flash on when took the photos. few did not. also i noticed at the gemstone in the rock at same light but different angles some of the gemstones in the pictures look different colors. the yellow gemstones stayed the same. some of the same gemstone with flash on and off looked different in color to me too. thank you


Looks like a type of granite to me.

Wow color changing granet. I never would have guessed! Thank you so much. So purpleish redish to blue is one color! Yellow to the more orangish color. I’ll be sure to post the next piece of white gemstone that is white and was only covered in mica on the outside next. The next gemstone is strange. Thanks again

It appears to be iron related staining which is common in ore with related material like what the pyrite is associated with. Garnets can also breakdown like that as well. Especially when these are found in alluvial deposits around old river beds and oceans.
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Does anyone know this garnet color changing value? It seems I even got more of a red to blue in here. Transparent is probably worth more than translucent. What could the value be for both? Thank you