Gemstone identification

hi I bought this gemstone from ebay and won it in a listing with 4 other rocks. I went to a gemologist and they said it was a blue quartz. but then i scratched it against a ruby and, it seems to scratch a ruby. so then I asked a geologist type person for his opinion. he said this is a blue sapphire. he aslo said it was very unusual the way the gemstone grew on top of a rock. it seems to be growing in layers as i will put up pictures of. when I broke the rock in half is when I figured out it is just gemstone growing on top of this rock. but I now I scratched a (supposed to be diamond pendent from another person. it seemed to leave a scratch on the (supposed to be) diamond pendent as well. I don’t know it was a diamond pendent for sure. what could this gemstone be? If it is a diamond it looks more translucent type of gemstone. what would a translucent type of diamond be of value ? The fools gold on top of the rock is agreed upon both people to be fools gold.

it seems to look have the colors of blue and green in it.

You might check with some other experts on how to do hardness tests. Sometimes it isn’t that easy to see who is scratching whom. The chances that you have diamond embedded in a rock are slim to none AFAIK. Diamond isn’t found in solid rocks. Generally diamond would have a tetrahedral crystal habit. I would do some research and see what rocks pyrite tends to occur in. -royjohn

Hi thank you for all your info. I have a question maybe you may know about. I have previously searched igs and a long time on the internet looking for the structure of this blue gemstone composition. Meaning the way it is formed. It is blue gemstone more or less on top of a rock. It is a flat rock with most gemstone just sitting on top of the rock. As you could see some of the side view of the specimen (in some of the pictures.) the blue gemstone is to some extent like a layer of blue gemstone a small gap inbetween and like a layer of blue gemstone on top of that. To me that is very strange for that to be any gemstone formed that way. I w onder what kind of structure of gemstone that could be. Also I was picking at the top of the rock and I saw a type metallic powder (that looked more like lead color) coming out of this specimen that was kinda like wedged/ trapped in this rock. Strange to me. If I come across any more I could put up pictures of it. The metallic powder came out of the other half of this rock that I did not take pictures of. Thank you again for your suggestion.

Don’t scratch Diamond jewelry and rubys with this rock, that is destructive test methods that aren’t that effective.

I agree … fools’ gold with fool’s diamond. ;)))) I believe you meant to say that diamond generally would have the Cubic crystal habit showing in the Octahedron form. To make the distinction for our readers … A tetrahedron has only 4 sides; 3 on top and one on the base. If you saw the octahedron in half on the 4 point plane, that geometric solid would have 5 sides; 4 on top and one on the base.

Hi Mhutton,
Yes, I was a little asleep, I guess, yes, it’s cubic system and octahedral. And, yes, probably “fool’s diamond.” -royjohn

hi I got more of that metallic powder that looks like a metallic lead type color out of the other half of this rock with gemstone that was like wedged in it

. could anyone be able to identify this metalic like powder? do you think it looks like boron? it reminds me of it. thanks

oh one more thing i noticed about this gemstone’s structure on top I did not notice before. does the picture second from the bottom of the pictures look like a gemstone in a Trigon—a triangular crystal shaped gemstone? it looks more like a triangle. this just occurred to me. thanks

No Trigons observed in any of your photos above.

thank you so much. Every post is extremely helpful. I hope to get a hardness test done someday by a professional. I am not sure who to go to yet. thanks again