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Gemstone identification

I recently came into possession of a great amount of stones of all sorts when a dear friend that had been a jewelry designer/store owner passed away last summer. These 8 were incorporated into a necklace with some Keshi pearls. I believe these are slices of geode, polished. They have been drilled also. Any help in identifying them would be greatly appreciated!

I believe this is chalcedony blue lace agate? Someone told me they thought the mine where these originated had closed. Any information on the mine?

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You would have to check, but I don’t think blue lace chalcedony comes from only one place and I see it for sale on ebay frequently for about $50/lb in the rough, but you could probably get it cheaper…the pieces you have look to have been tumble polished. Very pretty stuff, but not rare or expensive. You will hear frequent stories of “the mine is closed,” but that is seldom the case. Most gems come from more than one mine, anyway. Of course, this is not always the case…the mine(s) for Kashmir sapphire really are closed. You just need to know your gems. -royjohn


Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate the opportunity to learn.

Yes they are Chalcedony Quartz /Blue Lace agate.

. This is what it looks like uncut and natural without polish. This is from Mexico.

Thank you!

I sell a lot of Blue Lace Agate in my shop. The pieces you have most likely come from Malawi as its the biggest producer of the specific formation you have here, although the mine is not closed and there are other locations to find them as well. I would say your beads are worth $8 - $12 each.

Thank you for the information.