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Gemstone identification New Member and New to the gem world

This gem is on dinosaur bone from southern Utah near the Henry Mountains.

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Sorry about the first photo lol

My guess would be quartz

Thanks that is what I was thinking then I ran into the silicified done bone description and the crystals are green. I asked the head gentleman digging up the bones out here. So I asked how often they find crystals in Dino bone. He said they don’t so I showed him that piece and he got very excited and he said I probably have a one if a kind and that the crystals grew in place of the marrow.

Ok, gotcha. In the pics the green isn’t clear, but I’d say it’s probably due to your lighting. Where did you find this bone, in the southwest USA?

I think he said the stone came from UTAH near the Henry(?) Mountains. Let me re-read to be sure.

Yep! das what he said.