Gemstone identifaction please

I I bought this purchase from ebay. I hit it with a hammer. It was very hard. I kind of regreat it because their looks to be red type gemstone inside. This is a piece of this rock. I don’t know what it is. It has mica and gemstone in it though. I think it has mini gemstones in-between the rock. Here are pictures of this mystery gemstone.

Hi Jennifer,

It is really impossible to come up with a definitive identification of a stone just though pictures. But it looks like it might some form of igneous rock due to some of the holes that can be seen in some of the photos.

You mentioned it was pretty hard and it has some red looking gems inside. Did you use a flashlight to see if the red spots are glassy looking? And do you have access to a UV light to see if any of the sample fluoresces? Do the red spots have any consistent shape to them (round, square, etc.)?

It is definitely interesting and it does look like it is has some crystals in it. Some look blue/green and some white. How dense does it feel? Bounce it it in your hand a few times. Does it feel pretty solid for its size?

One of the pictures makes me think that is has some garnet in it.

I’ll be interested to see what others say.

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I agree with Ishyers.

Rock looks to be metamorphic… garnet granulite… with some kyanite… here is an image from and excellent discussion of high grade metamorphic rocks.

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Hi here are some more pictures from this rock. Including a color changing gemstone from this rock. The gemstone is a photograph from the SAME LIGHT DIFFERENT ANGEL! It is truly unique to me. I know pictures may or may not help and that I probably need to try to do a test. I have a led flashlight. The rock chystals is a bit glossey feeling. But rough where I hit it with the hammer. Since I hit the rock with a hammer again in a small spot it looks like more sparkly where I hit it. here are some neat pictures! Thank you!

This rock is a pegmatite and the inside stone is a almandine garnet with mica .

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The color changing stone is almandine garnet with mica? It is at the very bottom pictures. Their was not mica on that one. I’m just want to clarify what is being said. Confused Thank you!

Oh I’m sorry. I meant their was no mica on the color changing part of the gemstone. Now I get it!

I googled color changing almandine garnet. I noticed that is said that you had to have incandescent light to change the colors of the gemstone. I did not change the light. It was daylight with the sun shining through the window. Could the flash on my phone do that? The gemstone was very blue in one of the pictures. I don’t want to get ahead of myself but Could this be a charmellion diamond? Thank you for everyone’s your time.

Hi Jennifer. According to the photos the stone can be a metamorphic rock with red garnet and diopside (light green) minerals. It seems that there are a few sulphides as well, some with metallic luster could be pyrite and galena. Typically diamonds do not occur in metamorphic rocks and maybe the “color change” crystal that you see is fluorite. One way to test fluorite is with a fluorescent UV lamp and the crystal will glow while receiving the UV radiation. Sorry to give these news but on the other hand if you know the location of this rock it might be indicating proximity to an area with potential sulphide mineralisation.

It looks like garnet for some reason. Take a picture of it wet and maybe we can give you a better idea. AND for heavens sake, quit smoking it with an hammer!

Hitting a diamond with an hammer would do some damage and not just a few flakes. Hard to tell if the metallic bits are mica or hematite. That could make a big difference on what kind of stone it is.
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Ishyers, DrFGAPIEROALBTOM7194, jespinoza and Otter may be right that it is some kind of garnet, but what came to my mind by the way there are pinkish red spots with some that look green and white, is that it may be ruby in zoisite. I have used some ruby in zoisite that look very similar to some of the pictures.

I took off mica off the rock several times over by now for sure! Also weirdly enough I was scraping at a top piece of small rock with and I was able to scrape off some top red gemstone And white glossier gemstone was underneath. I am unsure if that part was quiendence or not. I only found one of those color changing reddish to blue gemstones so far in the whole rock. I think the fact that I did not use incandescent light to get the changing color was neat to me!


These are all wet photos! I think the rock looks more uniform wet!

I was thinking maybe garnet too.

i just wanted to say Thank you. Every post is so helpful. Thank you for all the helpful posts. Thank you for everyones time.