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Gemstone id

So i received this stone in a mixed unidentified batch i have a feeling i know what it may be your opinions would be appreciated thanks.

Can you test it with a Refractometer? Possibly Apatite, Saphire, Alexandrite or Topaz?

Thanks i thought perhaps garnet looks like i have a wider range to consider

I was thinking tourmaline as well

Just thought id let you know took this to a tester who confirmed it is alexandrite thanks for your input.

Hi is the alexandrite natural or synthetic???

Natural am currently getting a report for it

There is a chance that it is a Montana Sapphire, they sometimes change from bluish to purple.

Although hard to photograph its bright emerald green to the naked eye

Interesting to see the report as I still have my doubts if it is Alexandrite
but who can tell from a photo ??

good luck it it is :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks im intrigued thats for sure.
Wish you could see it the not in the know people ive shown it to have said is that an emerald, its really that bright you are right about photos i think unless you are a top photographer its almost impossible to get a true representation.

Its more likely either natural alexandrite or colour change garnet. If u have refractometer would be great to identify what it is, if not then, use dichroscope and flat light to see if it shows three colors under the scope. If it is then its alexandrite.

The gentleman in the jewelry store used a refractometer and said it was a chrysoberyl thats why ive gone for the report thank you for your input

Update the anchorcert laboratory connected to the Birmingham assay office have confirmed the stone as a natural alexandrite I will receive the report this week thanks to everyone for the input much appreciated.

Great good to hear

Thought I’d update met with a photography friend and after playing about with lighting I can give more of an idea of what I have been seeing.