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Gemstone faceting and polishing charges

I am looking for charge rate sheets for international standard cutting, faceting and polishing emeralds, rubies and sapphires preferably from Thailand, India and Sri Lanka.

Have a look at Lambert Industries. Thailand

I don’t think you will find standardized sheet telling you prices all over the world. I work in Thailand and there are many price points for cutting from less than a dollar/ct to $5/ct to $13/ct to $18/ct. there are many different quality levels available to us just in bangkok let along all of Thailand and I think you will find the same is true for Sri Lanka. I work with one of the best Sri Lankan cutters and he has a sliding scale for stones depending on size that could go from $10-20/ct depending on size and also on material. Emerald always costs more. Good luck

Thank you so much Justin. I understand. As I had written to you earlier, we are setting up a lapidary in Pakistan mainly for proprietary use - cutting Pakistani origin rough and then exporting finished product. In the meanwhile, somebody has approached us with an enquiry for cutting, faceting and polishing stones for them for a charge. Hence, my question. I want to offer them competitive rates for good quality work. Keeping our own cost structure in account I am thinking of asking for a standard charge of: US$3 per carat plus 50 cents per piece. This formula, I believe, will allow me to avoid a detailed sliding scale rates for each size point. What do you think.

Also, very soon, I would also like to re-initiate our earlier discussion about organizing training sessions for our cutters in Karachi. Do you have standard proposals for such a service? If yes, Kindly do send some information so we can proceed. Thank you again.

Thank you. I checked the website. Was quite useful.

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For sapphires cut & finished in Thailand [ don’t use Lamberts, they take best out & replace], finished cost is about $4.50 / ct, you can specify if you want cut for max size or best cut

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Thanks Brian. Much appreciated.