Gems Testing Lab - Real or fake certificates?

Hi all, I bought 2 faceted stones, supposedly Emerald and Fire Opal. I measured the refractive index

and thermal conductivity of both stones and it looks like the stones are cut from glass. Has anyone seen such certificates that accompanied the stones? I think these are fake certificates. Thank you for the feedback.

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I could be wrong, but those QR codes look identical, are they meant to be? :thinking:

Fake Fake Fake

OMGTL has been thrown under the bus on several reddit and other forum discussions in the past. It seems this “lab” or its owner is still doing nefarious things.

Spelling errors… like “Reflective Index” and not presenting distinct RI and SG values for the stones?

The QRC comes back as “internationalgeologicallaboratory dot com” which is definitely not legitimate. It is a play on the International Gemological Laboratories namesake located in Alberta, Canada.

The QRC website does not exist, which is a good thing.

I don’t recommend anyone scanning QRC codes on their phone or attempting to go to the websites without precautionary steps. (I have tools to safely do that in a “sandbox” which helps protect my machine from nasty/malicious code.)

Sorry to hear about the unfortunate experience.


I have had so many people come to me with these certificates and pretty pieces of glass and they just knew they got a great deal but their stones scratched and chipped like glass and they could not figure out why. The spelling mistakes is a big giveaway. I refuse to work on any piece with these “certifications”. I do not wish to pay for broken glass. Be diligent with your purchases. It can happen to all of us at some point.
All the best,

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Another huge giveaway is the low price of the ‘gemstones’

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Oh yeah! I got several of non-existent gem labs from India. Easy to print stuff there.

Return everything and get your money back.

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Thank you for the feedback provided. I requested a refund. Jaroslav

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good luck on getting a refund… fake certificates means fake refund… caveat emptor!